2022 Awardees

We firmly believe that the best way to promote innovation is to recognize those innovative minds that have created high-impact projects focused on the growth of their countries. For this reason, we have created the ILAN Innovation Awards, which will award the distinguished Shimon Peres Trophy for Innovation in seven categories. Education, Health and Science, Communication, Environment, Social Transformation, Technology and Peace.

Teach for Mexico

It is a diverse and inclusive movement committed to reducing educational inequity so that highly talented children and young people with limited resources reach their full potential throughout life.
It promotes the leadership of all the actors involved in the learning ecosystem, inside and outside the classroom. It is part of Teach for All and establishes alliances for educational change with communities, authorities and organizations.

University Award Winners

ILAN Foundation aims to promote and recognize innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America. The ILAN Awards for University Innovation are aimed at students who have developed innovative projects in any field, from technology to art and culture.


Created by students Alan Ricardo Soubran Cauich, Maximiliano Mérida de León and Luis Omar Carrillo Luna, Unblind is a technological tool for people with visual disabilities that uses images to provide them with information. It is designed to promote inclusion and facilitate access to content for the blind and low vision population. I

About the trophy

Unpublished work that represents the 93 years of Shimon Peres, through 93 lines.
“The materialization of the Shimon Peres prize in this sculpture will reach the hands of brilliant people. For me, it is vital that the piece transmits the essence of what Shimon Peres bequeathed to humanity through his life and, at the same time, is the most prestigious recognition of today’s innovators in Mexico and Latin America.
Human beings achieve achievement in layers, in stages. It is essential to create things that build you yourself”

– Arq. Jacobo Micha

La obra inédita que representa los 93 años de Shimon Peres, a través de 93 líneas.

ILAN greatly appreciates the generosity, passion and talent of the Architect Jacobo Micha

ILAN awards ceremony to innovation

ILAN Innovation Awards 2022

On November 16, the third edition of the ILAN Awards for Innovation 2022 took place in Mexico City. The awards were given in recognition of Mexican innovators in seven different categories: Education, Communication, Social Transformation, Health and Science, Environment, Technology and Peace. Important personalities such as the Israeli ambassador participated in the event , Zvi Tal; Marcus Dantus, shark from Shark Tank Mexico and CEO of Startup Mexico; Moisés Salinas Fleitman, rector of ORT University; Francisco Suárez, Director of Corporate Affairs and Strategic Business at FEMSA; Tania Palacios Kuri, Secretary of Development Querétaro; Paloma Palacios Gonzales, representative of the governor of Querétaro; Raul Paulin; Undersecretary of Productive Inclusion and Rural Development; Roberto Shapiro, from the ÚNETE Foundation; Klaus Gérman Phinder, president of Win-Win and Director of the CSR Commission of Coparmex CDMX; Carmen Villalobos, Colombian actress and influencer.


Amir Amedi

Emil Alon

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Meet the jury

María Ariza
General Director of the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA)

María Ariza

María Ariza is the General Director of the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) María participates as an independent director on the boards of AXA, Mac Hospitales and Financiera Emprendedores; on the investment committees of Beel Infrastructure, Nexxus Capital, Redwood Capital, Lafirma Capital and Dux Capital; and on boards of non-profit institutions such as Fundemex, Educampo, CMR, Fomento de Educación Ibero, EGADE Business School, Aceleradora de Negocios Anáhuac, Mujeres Invirtiendo, Consejo Consultivo de Finanzas Verdes y la Alianza por la Inversión de Impacto.
Mercedes Castañeda
Co-founder of Reinserta, A.C. She is a psychologist with a master's degree in Psychology.

Mercedes Castañeda

Co-founder of Reinserta, A.C. She is a psychologist with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the Universidad Iberoamericana. She specialized in Child and Adolescent Psycho-Trauma in different national and international offices. She worked in the Attorney General's Office of the Mexican Republic and in the Social Prosecutor's Office for Victims of Crime, specializing in matters of NNYA victims of crime. She is the Winner of the Best Social Project at the Nobel Prize Summit in Mérida.
Paulina Vieitez
Communicologist by profession with a specialty in Journalism.

Paulina Vieitez

She is the creator of the literary initiative Tres y Contando together with Sophie Goldberg and Sofía Segovia, which has been presented with great success at the FELINO Tijuana, San Diego, CEART Ensenada, and Instituto Cervantes in Chicago, using literature as a vehicle to deal with current issues. She is the author of HELENA, a Penguin Random House novel, published under the Suma de Letras imprint in March 2017 and which has been widely accepted by readers and critics. In June 2018, its Spanish version was published, which is currently in circulation.
David Kershenobich
Level III Emeritus Researcher of the National System of Researchers

David Kershenobich

He is a level III emeritus researcher of the National System of Researchers. He was president of the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine, the Mexican Association of Gastroenterology, the Mexican Association of Hepatology and the International Association for the Study of the Liver. He has received various recognitions and awards throughout his career. At the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán (INCMNSZ) he was head of the Clinical Service for 30 years, member of the ethics and research committee, head of the Department of Gastroenterology, member of the Governing Board and since 2012 he is the Managing Director.
Isidoro Ambe Attar
Commercial Director of The Business Market

Isidoro Ambe Attar

Graduated from the Anahuac University in Business Administration with a postgraduate degree in Finance. In 1992 he joined América Móvil, where he served as Director of Sales and Deputy General Director of Acquisitions and Management Advisor. Isidoro Ambe Attar works as Commercial Director of The Business Market, Deputy General Director of Supplies and Director of Sales of Telephones of Mexico (TELMEX).
Manuel Gutierrez Novelo
President and Co-Founder of AngelInventum

Manuel Gutierrez Novelo

He is the Mexican inventor with the most registered patents and is considered the father of modern Virtual Reality CEO, CTO, and Founder of JiiT Technologies, CEO, CTO and founder of TDVision, a stereoscopic 3D technology company. CEO, President, and Co-Founder of the company ImmersiON-VRelia VR|AR|HMD|HUD. President and Co-Founder of AngelInventum.
Honored by the International 3D Society with the 2013 Lumiere Technology Award. Inventor of A.I.L.E.E.N.N., a new platform for artificial intelligence logic electronic emulation neural networks. Inventor of the 2D+Delta stereoscopic codec in 2003.