We drive
innovation to improve people's lives.

Who are we?

We are a foundation that generates value by recognizing and promoting the talent of innovators, linked to Israeli innovation to identify the main challenges, generate solution proposals and thus improve people’s lives and the development of their countries.

Ilan Innovation Awards

The ILAN Awards are a space for recognition and motivation for innovative talents seeking inspiration and learning. Through this program, the winners have the opportunity to travel to Israel, a country known for its innovation and entrepreneurship model, to learn first-hand about its ecosystem of social innovation and thus improve people’s lives.

2022 Awardees

Teach for Mexico

It is a diverse and inclusive movement committed to reducing educational inequality so that girls, boys and young people with great talent, but with limited resources, reach their full potential throughout life.
It promotes the leadership of all the actors involved in the learning ecosystem, inside and outside the classroom. It is part of Teach for All and establishes alliances for educational change with communities, authorities and organizations.

Educate by innovating to build a culture of peace.

We work with students, recognizing them and encouraging them in innovation issues.

We give peace education workshops to the winners, highlighting the theme of social innovation and social responsibility, always to improve people’s lives

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