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Who we are

Our foundation generates value by identifying and promoting the talent of innovators, bringing them into contact with Israeli innovation for the purpose of targeting challenges and generating proposals for solutions that improve the development of countries and the lives of their people.

What we do.

ILAN has developed a model to inspire innovation and drive innovative projects, while strengthening ties between Israel and Latin America.


ILAN detecta los innovadores y universitarios que han demostrado lograr proyectos sobresalientes en diversos campos.


The Shimon Peres prize, conferred in a high-impact, high-profile ceremony, acknowledges the achievements of innovators and university students.


Se integran equipos para trabajar de manera colaborativa y creativa.


We integrate teams of innovators in each of the seven domains of analysis for the purpose of identifying the seven most pressing challenges faced by countries.


We propose solutions for each of the challenges, and we use knowledge generated in Israel to potentiate these solutions.


We submit proposals to decision makers, and we publish a journal in order to teach about the solutions, which is disseminated among the mass media, politicians, diplomats and academics. 


The four preceding steps serve to drive innovation aimed at improving countries and the quality of life of their peoples.


Do you know of an innovative project?
The objective of these awards is to promote and recognize the innovation that exists in Mexico and Latin America; They are awarded to those change agents who dare to modify and improve existing elements and realities.


This community of innovators is comprised of social innovators who have received the ILAN Innovation Award. The objective of this community is to foster collaborative ties, not only with Israel, but also other Latin American countries where ILAN confers awards.

The members of this community develop collaborative relationships that allow them to solve social problems of Latin American communities and thereby promote improvement of people’s quality of life.


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