ILAN carried out its first Award presentation grand event on January 16th, 2020 in Mexico City.  


The purpose of these acknowledgements is to encourage and recognize existing innovation projects in Mexico and Latin America; these awards are given to those game changers who dare to alter and improve exiting elements and realities.  



We contribute to improve the quality of learning and the development of the most optimal education practices for students, through truly innovating projects that positively add value to the academic sector.  

Considered fields of study are: teaching, psychology, sociology, philanthropy and social development.


A project or a proposal that has accomplished a breakthrough focused on improving people’s standard of living.  

Considered fields of study are: science, medicine, research and biomechanical engineering.


An outright innovating project that represents a game changer for the community, through creative strategies that produces value-adding content, coupled with its capacity to establish and spread effective communication. 

Considered fields of study are: arts, film, broadcasting, documentary studies and research.


Projects of relevance benefitting the ecosystem and care of our planet’s natural resources. 

Considered fields of study are: engineering, sciences, design and research.


Outstanding initiatives that break ground for intercultural dialogue and cooperative work to promote a more inclusive and fair society. 

Considered fields of study are: politics, sociology, anthropology and philanthropy.


Innovation projects that add value to the current technological environment; transformative solutions that help achieve a common good and set precedent with new discoveries.   

Considered fields of study are: design, programming, startups, hardware and software.


New ideas to strengthen ties of brotherhood and boost humanitarian tasks, which target the development of Human Rights, to improve the people´s standard of living.

Considered fields of study are: politics, sociology, psychology, humanities and anthropology.