Awards 2020

winners 2020

Ernesto Peralta Educational Unit Q. A. C.

An educational institution that has been supporting the community of Pastejé for more than 40 years, but none of this would be possible without the philanthropy of the founder Alejo Peralta y Díaz Ceballos.

After so many years, its educational mission remains the same:

To provide a comprehensive education to children and young people in the Mazahua region at no cost.

The reason why is very simple: To give young people an educational and work outlets at the local level so that they do not emigrate from home regions.

Biomédica de Referencia Liver Health Campaign

Biomédica, clinical analysis and imaging laboratory.

Clara Lau is General Director of Biomédica de Referencia and President of the Mexican Council of Diagnostic Companies (COMED), an organization that gathers the country’s leading clinical laboratories to promote initiatives serving to establish the biosafety protocols and guidelines that guarantee the proper collection and handling of the biological samples.

"I am incorruptible" campaign.

The Metro Collective Transport System (STC) and the

Communication Council presented the #SoyIncorruptible campaign, which disseminates assertive messages on the Internet to promote online honesty and transparency.

The Communication Council is a non-profit private agency, conceived as an outlet for social participation by entrepreneurs. Since its founding 60 years ago; the Communications Council has distinguished itself by carrying out campaigns of national interest through the media, aimed at positively influencing the attitude and habits of Mexican society. Its mission is to be the voice of companies supporting the  great causes of Mexico.


DeRTeK is a sustainable company, devoted to the production and commercialization of advanced biofuels made from raw plant materials that are not exploited as foodstuffs. The results of 5 years of research (BIODIMEX 2009-2013).the company was founded on the principle of conserving the environment, while benefitting  society by creating new job opportunities in both the agricultural and industrial sectors.


Rutopía began as a dream to help indigenous communities in Mexico through the development of fair, sustainable tourism. This social enterprise connects travelers to a network of hosts in rural communities in Mexico, where visitors can learn about and enjoy cultural and natural riches. The company’s motto: “Travel differently, connect with communities”;  underscores this new kind of ecotourism that offers authentic experiences far off the beaten path.


Dow operates at the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences to help solve many of the world’s toughest problems, such as the need for increasing agricultural yields, ensuring clean water and power generation, and conservation of the natural environment. 

Dow’s portfolio offers a wide range of innovative, technological solutions, specialty chemicals, advanced materials, specialty plastics and other products for a wide array of industrial and agriscience applications.

World’s first roadway surface paved partially of recycled plastic.


Concerned about the country’s fragile security, Reinserta strives to build a safer Mexico by working with inmates in the prison system in order to break the cycles of crime and violence.

Its main programs are:

Childhood and Prison

Adolescents and young people in trouble with the law