Winners 2021

Únete Foundation

Technology is an indispensable factor for improving public education in our country, in that it drives children to develop the cutting-edge skills and knowledge needed to ensure successful outcomes.

Únete (Union of Entrepreneurs for Technology in Education A.C.) helps teachers and institutions incorporate digital technology into classroom practice, training teachers in new knowledge and techniques that they can share with their students. In this way, the digital divide is reduced, and educational outcomes are enhanced, primarily among marginalized communities.


Gresmex, a Mexican company with an international reach and over 20 years’ experience, developed a unique bio nano-molecule, currently patented in more than 100 countries. This unique molecule provides the following key benefits:

It acts directly on the DNA or RNA of viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and mycobacteria, preventing these from developing resistance.

    • It is not corrosive or cytotoxic.
    • Be 100% harmless and biodegradable.
    • Its safety and efficacy have been shown in multiple laboratory studies in Mexico and abroad.
    • It has been endorsed by the Journal of Nano Research as an effective virucidal agent against SARS-CoV-2 and a wide spectrum of pathogens.
    • It is the active ingredient of the portfolio of products that integrate the Eviter® Total Biosecurity System and the Eion Oral Hygiene System. ®
México Puede

This initiative seeks to link micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with each other and with large companies, so that they can offer their products or services more broadly and receive training to better deal with these current difficult times.

Among the options offered by the mexicopuede platform, user can find specific training and daily talks on sales, talent and well-being, productivity and digital acceleration, and employability and financing. Additionally, the platform provides an online clearing house where users can promote products or services, or announce their need for suppliers. These benefits are provided without costs or any other requirement for MSME users.       

Ion Ag+

This enterprise supplies small rural populations in situations of vulnerability both water and sanitation services through patented products and innovative methods of water collection, purification, disinfection, storage, use and reuse. In these ways, the company strives to break the vicious circle of poverty.

The Ion Ag+ disinfection system is maintenance-free and does not require electricity, filters cartridges or spare parts, nor does it use any toxic chemicals additives. The system eliminates bacteria, parasites and viruses using and electromagnetic reaction (oxide-reduction) generated by silver ions diffused in bio-ceramic spheres.


This social enterprise initiative offers housing solutions for your family, contributing to the holistic development of communities. Moreover, it contributes to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, which seek to eradicate poverty, protect the environment and ensure prosperity for all without compromising resources for future generations.


Triciclo is a full-service e-commerce agency, specialized in the development, operation and maintenance of online stores and staffed by experts in Web development, UX, logistics, performance campaigns and online sales consulting.

Triciclo has created 400 online or virtual stores in Mexico, the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom. In soon will be consolidating online sales of companies in Panama, Peru, Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

Cadena A.C.

This non-profit civil association is devoted to the crisis prevention and providing assistance to causalities of disasters around the world, delivering aid directly to those most in need. Its major lines of action are:

  • Growing in Chain
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Rescue and first response
  • Reconstruction
  • Sustainability and Economic Reactivation
  • Social Transformation Education and Training
  • Prevention through resilient building
  • Management of Political/Public Advocacy
  • Technological Innovation
  • Academic Development