The Colibrí Space Laboratory announced its first project, Pakal, which was awarded for excellence in technology and innovation. Its mission is to help combat space debris by developing a 3U Cubesat (nanosatellite) to investigate atmospheric parameters and advance space technology in Mexico. To achieve this, they want to create missions in stages, and in each of them educate young scientists in the application of STEM sciences in productive projects that, in turn, generate value for the industry and allow the maturation of technology. This project is made up of the students: Ximena Rojas Arriaga, Sebastián Muñoz Bassol, Roberto Uribe Benítez, Mauricio Aguas Fonseca, Juan Pablo Aparicio Appendini, Ana Sofía García Ramírez, José Manuel Vega Hernández, María Cristina Velázquez García, Ana Fischer Meza, Eduardo López Taymani Vieyra.


Universidad Panamericana