Jury 2022

Jury 2022
María Ariza:

María Ariza is General Director of the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA)

María participates as an independent member on the boards of AXA, Mac Hospitales and Financiera Emprendedores; and on the  investment committees of Beel Infrastructure, Nexxus Capital,  Redwood  Capital, Lafirma Capital and  Dux Capital; as well as on the boards of non-profit institutions such as Fundemex, Educampo, CMR, Fomento de Educación Ibero,  EGADE Business School, Aceleradora de Negocios Anáhuac, Mujeres Invirtiendo, Consejo Consultivo de Finanzas Verdes and la Alianza por la Inversión de Impacto.

Mercedes Castañeda:

Co-founder of Reinserta, A.C., she holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Universidad Iberoamericana. She has completed specialized studies in Child and Adolescent Psycho-Trauma in several national and international institutions.

She worked in the Attorney General’s Office  and in the Social Prosecutor’s Office for Attention to Victims of Crime, specializing in NNyA crime victims.

She is a winner of the Best Social Project at the Nobel Prize Summit in Mérida

Paulina Vieitez

Communicologist by profession with a specialization in Journalism.

Together with Sophie Goldberg and Sofía Segovia, Vietez is the creator of the literary initiative Tres y Contar, a program deployed with great success in FELINO Tijuana, San Diego, CEART Ensenada and the Cervantes Institute in Chicago. Tres y Contar uses literature as a vehicle for dealing with current issues. She is the author of HELENA, a novel published by Penguin Random House in March 2017 as part of its Suma de Letras series. The novel has received both critical and popular acclaim, and a Spanish-language translation this work was published.in June 2018.

David Kershenobich

National System of Researchers emeritus grade III, Kershenobich has served as president of the Mexican Association of Internal Medicine, the Mexican Association of Gastroenterology, the Mexican Association of Hepatology and the International Association for the Study of the Liver.

He has received numerous acknowledgements and awards throughout his career. Over the course of thirty years at the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition (INCMNSZ), he served as chief of the Clinical Service, while also serving on the research ethics committee and as chief of the Department of Gastroenterology. Additionally, he is member of the institute’s board of governors, and since 2012 he has held the post of General Director.

Isidoro Ambe Attar:

A graduate of the Universidad Anáhuac Business Administration School, Attar holds a postgraduate degree in Finance. In 1992, he joined América Móvil, where he served as Director of Sales, Deputy General Manager of Acquisitions, and Administration Advisor.

Isidoro Ambe Attar currently serves as Commercial Director of The Business Market, Deputy General Director of Supplies, and Sales Director of Telefonos de México (TELMEX).

Manuel Gutierrez Novelo:

Gutierrez Novelo is Mexican inventor with the most registered patents. He is considered the father of modern Virtual Reality. CEO, CTO and Founder of JiiT Technologies; and CEO, CTO and founder of TDVision, a stereoscopic 3D technology company.

CEO, president and co-founder of ImmersiON-VRelia VR|AR| HMD| HUD.

President and Co-Founder of AngelInventum

Honored by the International 3D Society with the  2013 Lumiere Technology Award

Inventor of the new platform called Artificial Intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network (A.I.L.E.E.N.N).  Inventor of the stereoscopic 2D+Delta codec in 2003.