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President Javier Milei signs agreement with ILAN!

We are excited to share news about the progress of our efforts in promoting cooperation between Israel and Latin America. Our founder and president, Isaac Assa, has traveled to Israel to formalize an important agreement between Argentina and the ILAN Foundation.

This agreement marks a significant milestone in our mission to strengthen ties between Israel and Latin America, promoting collaboration in key areas such as innovation, technology, education, and economic development.

The signing of this agreement represents a solid commitment to fostering bilateral cooperation, as well as promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences between both regions. We are excited about the potential that this agreement offers to drive innovation in our communities, as well as to open new opportunities for collaboration and joint growth.

We are proud of the fundamental role that the ILAN Foundation plays in this initiative, and we are grateful for the continued support of all of you who make it possible. This agreement is a testament to the commitment and shared vision of building strong bridges between Israel and Latin America, driving innovation. We look forward to the results that this joint collaboration will bring in the future.

We will continue to keep you informed about the progress and upcoming stages of this collaboration, as well as other exciting initiatives that we are undertaking at the ILAN Foundation.

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