''We should use our

imagination more

than our memory.''

- Shimon Peres

ILAN is a foundation that identifies, manages, recognizes and promotes projects that have great social impact through innovation, strengthening bonds between Israel and Latin America.


We identify those people and companies who have the talent and potential to develop high-impact projects: 

  • Discovering opportunities; distinguishing between an ordinary and an extraordinary idea. 
  • Observe trends and understand their context in depth. 
  • Approach institutions and supporters to meet specific needs.
  • Organize delegations to Israel for government officers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and specialists from different sectors. 
  •  Share benefits from our experts from Israel, tailored to each project’s specific needs.


We help implement innovative ideas to make them happen through project management. 

  • We have an extended network of contacts, leaders and decision makers. 
  • We create partnerships.
  • We find solutions. 
  • We offer experts evaluations.
  • We make projects work.


We are convinced that there is outstanding talent and great innovators in Latin America; however, rarely there is recognition.


We understand the importance of motivation within the scope of innovation. 


We have created the ILAN Awards, which acknowledge those innovating projects that achieve great social impact. 


We honor the following categories: 

  • Education
  • Healthcare and Science 
  • Communication
  • Environment 
  • Technology 
  • Social Transformation 
  • Peace


Our purpose is to educate and strengthen the culture of innovation in order to solve great challenges.

  • We establish alliances with universities, companies and associations. 
  • We organize personalized work schedules to successfully achieve every project. 
  • We create forums to inspire and spread innovation. 
  • We implement communication strategies to increase project diffusion. 
  • We are convinced that success comes from sharing, collaborating and coming together.