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Fuckup Nights

An organization born in Mexico from a series of international events with presence in over 250 cities and 60 countries where stories of failure are shared. Its purpose is to question and redefine the paradigm of failure, breaking its stigma to make way for innovation and creativity.


Disruptivo TV

It is an agency that creates content with accessible language and attractive formats to disseminate social entrepreneurship and the social impact actions of its partners. It implements in-person and online training programs to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create social enterprises. It carries out calls for proposals in which it identifies projects with high potential, grants them access to seed capital, and mentors.


México Puede

It is an initiative that seeks to connect micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) with each other and with large companies, so they can offer their products or services, and also receive training to face the crisis. Among the options offered by the platform "México puede" are training sessions with daily talks on sales, talent and well-being, productivity and digital acceleration, employability, and financing.


Campaña “Soy Incorruptible”

Council of Communication presented the #SoyIncorruptible campaign, which aims to spread assertive messages on social media to promote honest acts in this mobility medium. The Consejo de la Comunicación is a non-profit private sector organization conceived as a form of social participation by entrepreneurs. Since its founding 60 years ago, it has been distinguished for carrying out national interest campaigns through the media, aimed at positively influencing the mood and habits of Mexican society. Its mission is to be the voice of companies in service of the great causes of Mexico.

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