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At ILAN, we empower Latin American innovators with a discovery journey to Israel, where we stimulate the new generation of innovators, opening their minds to new ideas.


Be part of ILAN's VIP delegations where you'll have access and the opportunity to create valuable connections with key players in the Israeli ecosystem. During this trip, you'll experience cutting-edge technologies firsthand, which will propel your development of new perspectives and ideas that will be of great importance in your projects.

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As an award-winning university student, ILAN invites you to Israel to experience and learn about its unique innovation model. You will have contact with valuable connections and cutting-edge technologies, which will be essential to take your project to the next level.

We empower discovery

At ILAN, we promote innovation in Latin America by linking it with Israel. But why Israel? Israel is globally recognized as the 'Start Up Nation' and has achieved impressive economic growth based solely on innovation.

Be part of the change, be part of ILAN.

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