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A company specializing in innovative chemical products and applied research that addresses systemic problems with social impact. Among its projects is the use of biotechnology to make water use more efficient for vulnerable communities suffering from scarcity.


Product made from plant derivatives and extracts, which reduces economic losses during the transportation of papaya fruits to the consumer, thereby avoiding an increase in product costs and the growth of fungus, thus collaborating in food safety.

Innovación Energética

Social innovation solution for obtaining affordable, non-polluting and sustainable energy, which allows generating substantial savings in the consumption of natural and LP gas for water heating in residences and trades.


Sistema Digital Interactivo para el Entrenamiento en el uso de Extintores

They created an interactive and digital system to train staff in the use of fire extinguishers. This project addresses the challenge of training the use of fire extinguishers in a safe and controlled environment, without the dangers of contamination or external interference that are common in other programs.

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