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Lluvia Sólida

A viable and safe alternative to help solve the water problem is an irrigation system that allows for the efficient use and conservation of water, reducing irrigation frequencies by up to 90%, and can be used with any type of plants, crops, trees, etc.


TRISOL Green Outdoor

It is a certified company for the comprehensive management of special handling waste to prevent soil, air, and water pollution. Currently, through tire recycling, Trisol produces raw materials for the manufacture of waterproofing materials, roads, access roads, shoes, speed bumps, synthetic grass, among others; additionally, it is a distributor of rubber flooring and flooring for recreational areas.



It supplies small rural communities in vulnerable situations with water and sanitation services through patented products and innovative methods of water collection, purification, disinfection, storage, use, and reuse, helping to break the cycle of poverty. Ion Ag+ disinfection systems do not require electricity or cartridge or spare part changes, they do not need major maintenance, and they do not dose toxic chemicals. They eliminate bacteria, parasites, and viruses through an electromagnetic reaction (oxidation-reduction) generated by silver ions integrated into bio-ceramic spheres.



A sustainable company dedicated to the production and commercialization of advanced biofuels, using raw materials that do not compete with the food sector; the result of 5 years of research (BIODIMEX 2009-2013) and founded with the firm conviction of contributing to the environment, as well as to society, while providing new job opportunities in both the agricultural and industrial sectors.

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