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ILAN Awards for University Innovation UNAM

Thank you to UNAM for opening its doors to us on October 13, 2023, for the ILAN University Innovation Awards. During the ceremony, we received some extraordinary words from Carol Perelman and ILAN's CEO, Rina Gitler. Both highlighted the importance of innovation in our country.

The ceremony was unforgettable, where we awarded three unique projects.

BioMotion Tracker

A video capture system for conducting three-dimensional motion analysis without using physical markers. This tool provides data that can be used to examine athletes' techniques, biomechanical studies, and contribute to therapies for people with disabilities.

Puma Car

A carpooling platform that connects university students who share routes to offer a sustainable, safe, and efficient mobility solution.


A mobile application that connects mental health professionals with potential patients using a playful and approachable mechanism to dissolve social barriers.

Congratulations to the awardees, and thank you to everyone for joining us in celebrating the merit of their family and friends.

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