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They produce ingredients with maximum nutrients and minimal environmental impact using edible crickets cultivated in rural communities. Easy to integrate into recipes and formulations for bakery, cookies, tortillas, supplements, and meat analogs.


Dr. Vagón

The Health Train consists of 17 carriages and an operating room, making it possible to provide laboratory and cabinet studies, general and specialized medical consultations, family planning; they have a specialized clinic in comprehensive health for women and diabetic patients. With this, it is possible to provide FREE high-quality medical services.



Gresmex, a Mexican company with over 20 years of international presence, has developed a unique nano bio molecule in the world, patented in over 100 countries, with the following main benefits: Acts directly on the DNA or RNA of viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, and mycobacteria, so they cannot develop resistance. It is non-corrosive and non-cytotoxic. It is 100% harmless and biodegradable. Its safety and efficacy have been proven by multiple laboratories in Mexico and around the world.


Campaña de Salud Hepática

Clara Lau, General Director of Biomédica de Referencia, President of COMED, Mexican Council of Diagnostic Companies, an organization that brings together the largest and most prestigious laboratories and cabinets in the country, who in collaboration have promoted the initiative for the definition and establishment of biosafety protocols required to ensure the correct collection and handling of biological samples, as well as guidelines.

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