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ILAN Awards for Anahuac University Innovation

Thank you to Anahuac University for opening its doors to us on November 16, 2023, for the ILAN Awards for University Innovation.

The ceremony was unforgettable, with the presence of Engineer Carlos Peralta, Congresswoman Laura Barrera, Father Cipriano, ILAN's founder and president Isaac Assa, and ILAN's CEO Rina Gitler.

We had the honor of hearing Congresswoman Laura Barrera's words, which were very motivating for the university students, and we also heard from Engineer Carlos Peralta, who provided feedback to the awarded projects. We awarded the following three projects:

Retinopatia Diabética

This work presents the development of a Machine Learning (ML) system for the detection of Diabetic Retinopathy (RD) from fundus photographs. It will enable timely assessments for individuals at risk, contributing to the prevention and management of blindness caused by RD.

Design, manufacturing, characterization, and biological evaluation of 3D-printed bioactive scaffolds with hydroxyapatite for regenerative medicine applications - Using biocompatible materials with the body, capable of being recognized as native and also biodegradable. This solution is optimal for reducing cases of osteoporosis and complications associated with fractures in the future.


They aim to revolutionize fashion brand products through sustainable buttons made from corn waste sourced from marginalized communities in Mexico, thereby generating a social impact on them and reducing water consumption by 99% in their manufacturing process.

Congratulations to the awardees, and thank you all for joining us in celebrating the merit of your family and friends.

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