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ILAN Innovation Awards 2023

The fourth edition of the ILAN Innovation Awards 2023 was an unforgettable event. It began with a press conference where this year's awardees answered questions about their projects, and after some time, the award ceremony commenced. Our founder, Isaac Assa, started the ceremony with a very emotional speech about what is happening in Israel. Additionally, Einat Kranz, the Israeli ambassador to Mexico, gave a speech about seeing and focusing on the future. We also had the attendance of Deputy Santiago Creel, Engineer Carlos Peralta, Deputy Laura Barrera, Father Cipriano, the rector of UP, etc. All of whom helped present the awards to the seven winning projects of this year. The awardees were as follows:


Somos el Cambio

They work to promote entrepreneurship and social participation in children, youth, and adults. They transform communities by instigating a change in people's attitudes, motivating them to undertake social impact projects through their methodology.


Lluvia Sólida

A viable and safe alternative to help solve the water problem is an irrigation system that allows for the efficient use and conservation of a significant amount of water. It reduces irrigation frequencies by up to 90% and can be used for all types of plants, crops, trees, etc.



Technological innovations that promote the regeneration and environmental health of sustainable cities. Greenfluidics is a pioneer in sustainable technologies for cities, balancing the needs of society with environmental health. Their goal is to bridge the gap between urban life and ecological harmony, envisioning a future where sustainability and progress coexist.



They produce ingredients with maximum nutrients and minimal environmental impact using edible crickets cultivated in rural communities. Easy to integrate into recipes and formulations for bakery products, cookies, tortillas, supplements, and meat analogs.


Fundación MITZ

Dedicated to empowering women to become emotionally strong, productive, and independent individuals, by motivating the awakening of their will, expanding their knowledge for economic autonomy, thus creating better opportunities for their families through their sustainable productive model. A fulfilled woman, an integrated family, a conscious society.


Fuckup Nights

An organization born in Mexico from a series of international events with a presence in over 250 cities and 60 countries where failure stories are shared. Its purpose is to question and redefine the paradigm of failure, breaking its stigma to make room for innovation and creativity.


Prison Art

A luxury leather brand that offers collections of handbags, accessories, clothing, footwear, jewelry, and board games. All of their collections have been created by individuals who are currently or have been incarcerated. Prison Art provides second chances to incarcerated men and women through their training, rehabilitation, and job placement programs, aiming to achieve successful reintegration into society.

We are very grateful to share these successes with you and to continue driving innovation both in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

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