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ILAN University Innovation Awards at IBERO

Thanks to the Ibero-American University for opening its doors on November 6, 2023, for the ILAN University Innovation Awards.

Before the awards ceremony, we had the opportunity to learn about the winning projects, and students had the chance to address questions and hear feedback about their innovations. During the awards ceremony, we were honored with the presence of Sofia Hillman, an IBERO graduate and winner of the 2022 ILAN Award for her project Propel Foods. Sofia delivered a speech about her experience with ILAN and how unforgettable the delegation to Israel was. We also had a very interesting discussion about innovation, followed by the recognition of three unique projects.


An adjustable propulsion device for wheelchairs. It aims to enhance functionality and efficiency in wheelchair propulsion by providing a device that allows for the adjustment of residual force for individuals with incomplete spinal cord injuries, as well as other users with reduced mobility. This helps prevent secondary injuries caused by repetitive movements and overloading, while also making the activity more enjoyable and natural.


They are dedicated to the commercialization of ecological personal hygiene products, reducing plastic consumption.


Creation and sale of instant soups where the product is composed of cricket protein, offering a food product with high protein content and health benefits.

Congratulations to the awardees, and thank you to everyone for joining us to celebrate the accomplishments of their family and friends.

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